Thursday, April 19, 2012


To say that I love running would be an understatement. It didn't used to be that way, I
started running about three years ago. I had no idea what running would mean to me later.

I honestly started running because my mom started running. It was so hard for me at first. I would start to run with her make it maybe half a mile get a side cramp and quit. I would get so mad, swear I'm giving it up. But somehow the next day I found myself out there again. 

I remember the first time we made it around La fortune Park (5k) I was so proud of myself. I kept at and kept at it. Running never has and never will come easy for me. I'm not out there setting any records but I have become alot better. Running longer and faster than I thought I could.

I never run with music, I usually run by myself, I think, I pray, I zone while I run. Running has been one of my few "constants" the past few years. No matter if I'm in Tulsa where I could run blind folded and know my way around, or in Salt Lake City, Europe, Montana, or Colorado I can put my shoes on and run. It's familiar. Running reminds me of my mom.

I have some of my best talks with God while running. Just the other day my mom said to me don't forget "your always running your own race" which applies to so many areas of our life. No matter who I pass or who passes me on the road, all I have to worry about is my race, my walk with God. No matter what someone has or what I don't. Or if I'm running 8 min miles or having a bad day. As long as I'm pushing, growing, learning, walking with God, seeking Him more everyday that is all that matters.

To say this move to Colorado has been easy would be a lie. I miss Montana, I miss our church, our friends. But I KNOW we are here for a reason. So I run. I talk to God, He talks to me. I have peace.
Not because everything is perfect here, but because I'm running my own race. As long as I'm running toward God I know I'm going the right way.  And by I, I mean we, the great thing is God has blessed me with such a wonderful man to get to share adventures with. He has taught me so much. I am so in love with him. He has taught me about letting go and living life fully. Life is good. We will always win the race when we follow our Savior.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

long overdue update.

Hi all :) It's been a while huh? We did indeed make it home from our epic "honeymoon" trip. We spent a few weeks in Tulsa with our family and then moved to a place neither one of us had ever been. Whitefish, Montana. A little crazy, but again thats kinda how we roll. 

Who would have known that the little ski town thousands of miles from t-town where I spent my first 24 years of life would soon turn into what felt like had always been home. I (we) completely fell in love with that place. The Montana way of life, and the people. The small town of only a few thousand completely stole our hearts. Not just for the scenery & small town lifestyle but for the friends we soon made and the church we became involved in.We found an amazing church, freshlife. We got involved and started going to a small group once a week. It felt so good to be somewhere and actually know and invest in peoples lives. Rob and I both left church each week challenged and encouraged in our walk with God like we haven't felt before.  I feel like we have made lifelong friends and connections from freshlife, and have grown more in our walk at that church in year than we have before.

So all that to say.. we have moved again. To Durango Colorado, I know God has brought us to this new place for a reason. We prayed and prayed again to make sure we were making the right decision and honestly I wanted to be wrong. I wanted to stay in Montana. We have officially been here a week, we found a place, and have somewhat settled in. Which by the way we finally have a place for visitors, so come visit :) It is both our hearts desire to move back to Montana, settle down, and start a life there. When that will be I don't know. But God awakened a desire in both of us to call Montana home someday. But until He takes us back there, we will serve and follow Him wherever He takes us.

As far as other updates Rob has a job on a initial attack fire crew and should be home alot more than previous summers (YAY) He has been roasting his own coffee (which is messy) so I have to leave the house while he does it, haha. BUT I do enjoy drinking it. And stays busy just being an all around awesome husband :)

As for me I'm running my first half marathon June 9th, We have doubled our elevation in the move so I've been pretty humbled by running here lately, however I'm determined to do this thing. And Rob's running it too! Nutrition and fitness have become a huge passion of mine and I'm also pursuing a certification in personal training. No job here yet, I'm ok with being a "lady of leisure" but Rob doesn't agree so I'm looking. 

We will be updating more often, so check back. 

Monday, May 09, 2011

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


First stop Eiffle Tower of course.

Notre Dame.

hmmm let me think about it.

Luxemburg, Amsterdam, & Belgium

 Our last week of our trip we had an apartment in Belgium.
We took lots of day trips from there... Luxemburg, Amsterdam, and

The view from our apartment :-)

Spring time in Luxemberg, hanging out in the Park.

Amsterdam. There are more bikes than cars there.

Oh ya know. Just a big shoe.


Thursday, April 28, 2011


And here starts our week in Switzerland. The most expensive
place we traveled, but it is SO beautiful. First we spent
two night in Interlaken. Went on a day hike, played miniature
golf and enjoyed the day. I think Switzerland is
when the spring weather hit so we were especially 
loving the outdoors.

nothing better.

And then came Lauterbrunnen (our fav)

We hiked, ran, and walked through the mountains the whole
time in Switzerland. There is so much beauty everywhere, you 
never got tired of exploring.

On top of all the mountains there are waterfalls everywhere.

And at last Zermatt.

There she is The Matterhorn.

There he is my husband :-)

More hiking!

It was sad to leave Switzerland, but it is just one
of those places that we know we will back to.